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    MetaMask Login: Start your crypto journey

    MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and gateway to blockchain apps. This wallet lets you buy, store, send and swap tokens. So, if you are also in search of a crypto wallet that is safe and secure then MetaMask would be a perfect trading partner for you. People who are looking to use the MetaMask exchange need to set up a profile using an app or browser extension. You can also create a wallet by providing the required details. The process of setting up a MetaMask wallet is not so difficult. In this post, we have mentioned the way to set up MetaMask wallet on the browser extension and MetaMask App. Along with this, we have concluded some more topics like the method to access the wallet, and the process to find the MetaMask seed phrase from your wallet. Let’s start discussing the MetaMask login process.

    Things you need to sign up for MetaMask account

    To set up MetaMask on your phone, you need to install the app on your mobile. In case you want to set up the MetaMask wallet on the computer then you need to add its browser extension on the respective browser. MetaMask allows you to set up a new wallet by creating a password and providing some other information.

    How to add MetaMask browser extension?

    If you are looking to set up a MetaMask wallet using a browser extension then follow the steps that are given below:

    1. Launch a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.)

    2. Then, visit the MetaMask.io site

    3. Here you will find the ‘Download’ button

    4. Click ‘Download’ to move to the next page

    5. Now, choose your browser

    6. Follow the prompts to add MetaMask browser on your computer

    7. Now, you can start setting up a MetaMask login account using your computer

    Download and install the MetaMask app on iOS and Android phone

    You can use the MetaMask wallet on mobile with the help of the MetaMask app. The steps that will help you to install the MetaMask app on your device are given below:

    1. Visit the MetaMask.com webpage

    2. On this site, choose the ‘Download’ option

    3. Choose ‘iOS’ or ‘Android’ to start downloading the app

    4. The application file will be downloaded on your mobile

    5. Now, find the file from the device manager

    6. Tap on it and choose ‘Install’ option

    7. MetaMask app will be downloaded on your device

    8. Now, you can easily set up a MetaMask wallet on your device

    How to set up MetaMask Wallet?

    Before approaching the steps, make sure that you have installed the MetaMask app or added the MetaMask browser extension on your device. After connecting your device to a secure internet connection, you can go through the steps that are given below to set up a MetaMask login account:

    1. Launch a browser or MetaMask app on your device

    2. Choose ‘Create Wallet’ option

    3. Create a new password for MetaMask account

    4. Confirm the same password

    5. Click ‘Create’ to move to the next page

    6. The unique image for your account will be shown

    7. Read the instructions and then click on the ‘Next’ button

    8. Click ‘Accept’ to agree with MetaMask terms of use

    9. On this page, the secret seed phrase for your account will be shown

    10. Click on the ‘Click here to reveal secret code’ option

    11. Get your secret seed phrase and note down it on a piece of paper for the security of your wallet

    12. Now, select each seed phrase in order to confirm that it is correct

    13. Then, click on the ‘Confirm’ button

    14. Finally, you can start using your MetaMask login account

    Way to MetaMask Login

    If you have the secret recovery phrase of your MetaMask wallet then you can easily access your account by following the steps that are described below:

    1. Open MetaMask browser extension or app

    2. Find and click on the ‘Import a wallet’ option

    3. Enter your secret recovery phrase

    4. Type a new password for the MetaMask account

    5. Confirm the password details in the next field

    6. Check the ‘Terms of use’ box

    7. Click ‘Import’ button to access your account

    How to find MetaMask seed phrase in mobile?

    If you have lost the seed phrase details of your MetaMask login account then you need to follow the steps that are given below:

    1. If you are logged in then tap on the ‘Hamburger’ icon

    2. Find the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option and tap on it

    3. Scroll down and choose ‘Reveal Seed Phrase’ to find the information

    4. Note down the seed phrase on a paper and keep it in a safe place

    5. Finally, you have found the seed phrase of your MetaMask login account


    To sum up, MetaMask is a crypto wallet service that helps you to trade cryptos by keeping your identity anonymous. People can create a MetaMask wallet easily by using the MetaMask browser extension and the app on their respective devices. The shortest way to set up a MetaMask wallet and other topics related to MetaMask login is described above on this page. We hope that you have set up a MetaMask wallet without any issues with the help of this post.